Future streetlights to harness sun and wind energy

The concept

The High Pressure Sodium bulbs or HPS bulbs that make sure that city streets get illuminated when dusk sets in, may soon be a history as they getting swapped with energy efficient options. LED lights have suddenly started gaining immense popularity and will soon be seen decorating the streetlamps as well. The world is becoming eco conscious and people are realizing the importance of keeping their surroundings clean and green. Keeping in mind the environmentally friendly factor, the SavWatt Eco-Pole was created that is a perfect outdoor lighting solution. It is a 100 percent green, eco friendly and self contained LED light, which will not use electricity at all.

The design makes good use of natural resources and can harness energy from the sun as well as the wind. SavWatt Eco-Pole comes fitted with Savonius solar panels and wind turbines that will not burn a hole in your pocket like long electricity bills. The energy produced by these wind turbines and solar panels doesn’t require any maintenance and is long lasting as well. The controller used in the design is self-powered and can easily store energy. This perfect outdoor lighting option is easy to install and is quite durable as well as versatile in nature. SavWatt Eco-Pole is a great option to brighten up the outdoors that too without deteriorating the surroundings in any sense.

Sun and wind powered street light

The inspiration

The overall design of SavWatt Eco-Pole has absolutely no connection with the power-grid. This is wind and solar powered and has all qualities of an electric pole except the usage of electricity. The streetlight has been created by a company named SavWatt that is based in Baltimore, MD, USA. It will help save precious resources and make good use of the natural elements around.

Eco credentials

SavWatt Eco-Pole will make good use of a 60W LED light that will help brighten up the streets in an eco friendly manner. This freestanding lamp post won’t fetch power from the public grid and can be used for a good 50,000 hours, which is quite impressive. It will get all the juice to shine at night from an arrangement of 300W micro-wind turbine and 90W solar cells. The pole is 100 percent self sufficient and won’t consume much power as compared to the conventional lighting options. It will just require 250W of energy and the best part being that Eco-Pole will make sure that no harmful gases are emitted, which will cut down on the pollution level. The light produced by SavWatt Eco-Pole will be clearer and uniform in nature. The LEDs produce a white colored light, which is a much better option at night than the orange tint emitted by the HPS bulbs.


SavWatt Eco-Pole is a practical solution to lighten up surroundings at night. The usage of wind and solar energy makes it a self-sufficient source that kills all dependency on the local power grid for its operation. The pole can be wedged anywhere and can withstand all kinds of weather conditions. The alternate source of light will put an end to all additional costs that crop up when any source of outdoor lighting is exploited. It is not only long lasting but is resourceful and reliable as well.

Related trends

1. The Application of Solar and Wind Turbine LED Lamps in Poland

Solar and Wind Turbine LED Lamps in Poland

The solar and wind turbine LED lamps have been made by the Poland municipality as a step forward towards saving precious energy and protecting the environment from further damage. These lamps are no less than elements of the nature and will spread all across the country, proving to be an excellent source of lighting. EuroLED lighting is the official distributor of BBE LED and is no doubt the leader in taking ahead this much needed energy revolution. Green energy, in the form of solar and wind turbine LED lamps, will be seen almost everywhere in Poland, be it towns, countryside or cities.

2. Solar and Wind Turbine LED Street Light, LU2 in China

LED Street Light, LU2 in China

BBE LU2, 56W is a practical solution for street lights to go green. It is the highest sold as well as installed models of BBE LED street lights. Thousands of pieces have been created, which decorate both the solar energy as well as electric power grids. Solar and wind turbine energy powered LU2 is being run as a test project in China. More than 20 projects of LU2 have already been set up in various cities across China in a hope that this green option will soon replace conventional high pressure sodium streetlamps. These will save a lot of energy and the usage of natural sources like the sun rays and wind power make it a winner all the way. The solar and wind hybrid will pull the environment back from the clutches of deterioration and also keep a check on wastage of energy.

3. The concept solar and wind energy Embryo

Solar and wind energy Embryo

The Embryo Streetlight concept is a brainchild of Harsha Vardhan, which is definitely a practical and cost effective solution to make streets twinkle at night. The designer has been inspired by a living sprout, which led to the birth of the Embryo Streetlight concept. The highlight of the design is its capability to not only produce energy for its own use but the energy generated can also be used by others. The design consists of a single structure that will harness both the energy from the sun and wind. The upper portion of the hood-like roof has been wedged with photovoltaic cells that also include the wind turbine. Carbon fiber enforced plastic has been used to craft the blades of the wind turbine that is used in the design. These will harness renewable energy that will power the lamp. The bottom features a battery that will store excess energy, which can be used later or can also be exploited for various purposes.

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