Future mobile concept by designer Emelie Runnquist unleashes the technology of tomorrow

Mobile concept by Emelie Runnquist

Mobile phones play an important role in our day to day lives. Right from connecting people and bringing them closer to letting everyone conduct their daily business online, everything has been rolled into one compact little device.

Bringing this idea forth and developing on it further, designer and creator Emelie Runnquist has come up with a masterpiece plan to devise a gadget which would make everything all the more easier for you.

With a design as simple as possible, she has measured the capability of humans to multi task and roll everything into the palm of your hands. The designer Emelie Runnquist believes in making environment friendly products which would make people and companies take a look at their products and technology again. Creating an idea around this, she fused the concept of ever constant change in our day to day lives easily. Being a long term idea, the designer has made sure she takes care of every possible concept, leaving no stone unturned in her endeavors.

The mobile phone concept deals with all the possible aspects of mobile engagement. Adding physical applications to your mobile world, your world has shrunk to a size unimaginable.

Fixing applications onto your phone is like a jigsaw puzzle making the device come into play. Right from installing applications to playing MP3s, conducting business online, clicking pictures and playing games, all on your mobile device. Her main idea is to initiate a sustainable and ever changing concept into our daily lives.

Switch between roles at your ease. May it be from the professional role when you have to email your business associates, refer to the calendar for appointments, or work on excel, if required. If you’re tired of working, then relax and rejuvenate your senses with the music application in your phone. Play your favorite tracks in the cell phone. The speakers give out an excellent sound, simply making you fall in love with the cool gadget.

Gaming consoles have been a major hit in the past few years. However, very rarely has it so happened that you get to have a proper gaming console built right inside your phone. With Emelie’s phone concept, you can have that desire also fulfilled. Enjoy the real thing with built in gaming controls and a live gaming console.

Multi task the way you want to and see how your world gets completely revamped. Let your hair loose with the ultimate gaming console, a happening MP3 player and a rolled in businessmen on the go.

Via: EmiRunnquist

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