‘Xi’ furniture to give a cool look to your home

innovative furniture
The designers of China have introduced a new style of design for furniture, which is being appreciated a lot. The idea of the furniture’s design is derived from Chinese character ‘Xi’, which means happiness. And it might be a good sign to have this furniture at home that possibly will attract happiness into your home. There are some characters that are considered lucky and good for the people and it is believed that keeping images or idols of such characters in home attracts good luck and happiness. This furniture is available in a craft’s shop in Suzhou, which is in Jiangsu province of East China. It is becoming popular among elite and fashionable people of China. innovative furniture 1

The second design is also an example of creativity and craftsmanship. The whole set of furniture is made of abandoned heater tubes. This style of furniture and its uniqueness is attracting a lot of people who want to decorate their house in a different style. As this design is based on complete imagination and the material used is totally different from regular furniture, cool stuff for people who believe that fashion is to change the look of the trendy designs. The traditionally accepted designs are changing now and people are more than willing to decorate their homes differently with the theme usually based on imagination.


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