Furniture for Roommates: A modular unit for space-crunched apartments

furniture for roommates 1

Born out of the desire to make the most out of the least available space, the modular furniture unit by Olivier Mérillon can be arranged in a number of patterns to meet the users’ diverse needs. In France, most of the requests for housing are for the apartments, with very few options for young students. In an apartment, there are intimate spaces and other spaces that are often required to change: to study, to rest or to invite friends. Olivier Mérillon’s “Furniture for Roommates” addresses these ever-changing requirements as the person can use the unit as a bed, a table, a side table or simply as a seating unit. With 3 modules, the furniture unit offers 10 possibilities. The modular unit maintains the style as well comfort of modern era, and will certainly help in adding some extra space to your small living area.

furniture for roommates 2

Via: LecoledeDesign

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