Furniture climbs the wall in space harmony

portee 1

Designed by Joachim Jirou-Najou, the Portée series of furniture units uses walls as a support. Originally a part of his degree thesis, the Portée collection was exhibited in 2005 by the Gilles Peyroulet & Cie gallery and in Milano by the Luisa Delle Piane Galleria. The collection includes a bench, a chair, a consol, shelves and four storage units, which are made from folded, lacquered steel. Joachim Jirou-Najou says that the Portée mural furniture frees the floor space and the wall becomes part of the work, opening up endless possibilities. The Portée corresponds to a contemporary way of life in need of space. Hung on your wall, it’s more than just another piece of furniture.

portee 2portee 3portee 4portee 5portee 6portee 8

Via: JoachimJirouNajou

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