Furnish your house with the Symbol Audio line of music players

Audio playing devices from furniture designers are unheard of but Tovin Design Limited surely didn’t go down the beaten path when they churned out Symbol Audio. The collection consists of three devices; Tabletop Hi-Fi, LP Storage Cabinet and the Modern Record Console. People madly in love with melodies will love these pieces and will definitely want them for their own pad. The atypical design of this line has a wooden facade that is gilded with gadgetry and mechanized gear. And though the pieces have a vintage-ish appeal, they still pass off as trendy.

Symbol Audio

Coming in solid Walnut and an array of lacquer finishes, the Tabletop Hi-Fi is a set of subwoofers priced at $1800. It is designed like the traditional speaker system sans any software. You can link a record player, iPhone or even your turntable to it. The 2.1 class D amplifier at the back gives off a full range blast. Its cabinet holds the 4 inch drivers that have titanium cones.

Now, if you’ve got a horde of LP’s to show off, then you will not be thinking twice before going for this LP storage cabinet. It’s hopper drawers swivel and are available in storage sizes of 320 or 640 LPs. If you still need extra storage space for your LP’s, then you can even opt for optional drawers that have a capacity of 320 CDs.

But the trademark product in this line is the heftily tagged Modern Record Console for $15000. The artsy piece holds hand built tube amplifiers and a turntable set on its patinated steel foundation. The sound booming out of its hidden amplifier and subwoofer is mind blowing. It also has a built in wireless router for playing digital tunes. The body handcrafted from solid American Walnut rests with all grandeur on its metal base.High in quality, exclusive and long lasting – every music lover with a beating heart is dying to own a piece from this collection.

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