Seven funny yet functional backpack designs

Backpacks are an important part of our life. We need comfortable backpacks when we have to venture out. The backpacks come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors and materials. From simple varieties to sophisticated models, you can choose from cheaper varieties to expensive ones. Most of them are cool-looking while you can also come across some bizarre and funny looking backpacks. These funny looking backpacks are more of an amusement than a travel partner. If you are looking forward to buy a backpack you can consider some of these funny-looking ones if you want to be the center of attraction. Here are some seven funny yet functional backpack designs.

Chewbacca backpack

Price: $44.99

Are you a Star Wars fan? Then this funny looking backpack is for you. You may have many fans chasing you as far as they can to get a glimpse of this funny backpack. The bag is about 28 inches from top to foot and has a depth of 14 inches for the packet. It comes with adjustable straps. You can find the backpack for both kids and adults. The backpack is officially licensed by Star Wars and is completely covered with shaggy brown fur in two tones. When you wear the backpack it looks like Chewbacca is clinging on to your back. Have fully adjustable nylon straps that are attached to the hands and waist of Chewbacca. The pouch has a strong zipper to fully encircle the pouch. You can store extra things in the sash attached to Chewbacca’s chest. It can be found for all age groups. The backpack can be taken only for causal uses and cannot be used on formal occasions.

Yoda backpack

Price: $39.99

This is also one of the licensed Star Wars accessories. The peculiar facial features grab the attention of people all around you when you wear the backpack. It is one of the best Star Wars accessories to have. By wearing one, you will look like a jedi in training just like Luke Skywalker sporting the backpack. The best thing about the backpack is its facial features. It looks like a real character sticking on to your back. It comes with adjustable ties. A strap is attached to the feet of the yoda that can be brought around your stomach. When the strap is around it may look as if the character is holding you. The backpack is available for all age groups.

Seat backpack

Price: $65.00

If you area travel freak then this is the best backpack for you. It can be easily converted into a seat. The best thing about the backpack is that when it is unfolded, it transforms into a booster seat. You will have no problem in traveling with your kids. The backpack has enough space to store a lot of things including clothes, books etc. It is an ideal seat for taxi, bus and school runs. The backpack can even be taken to the restaurants so that your children can sit comfortably on their seat. The backpack has been designed ergonomically to protect the spines and provide the correct posture. It comes with padded and adjustable straps, plastic durable shell for easy cleaning. The backpack is only for age groups 4-12.

Pratesi Guitar backpack

Price: $398.00

If you are a die-hard music fan, the Pratesi guitar backpack is just right for you. The unique guitar-shaped bag is made of premium quality vegetable-dyed calf leather. The best feature is that the bag comes with a mini integrated speaker with an outlet to enjoy your music all the way. Other favorable features include zip pockets on the sides, inner slit and the sophisticated musician looking shoulder strap. You can sort a real sophisticated look with this special leather backpack. However, it may not be for everyone because of the expensive price tag.

Spiderman backpack

Price: $37.99

Children may love to carry this backpack because it is shaped just like their icon, the Spiderman. When you carry the backpack on your back it may seem as if you are carrying your buddy on your back. The Spiderman backpack is officially licensed by the Spiderman Marvel Plush. The beneficial features include adjustable straps, waist strap for balance and large zippered pockets. The pocket can hold many things like your wallet, a drink, a book, cell phone and MP3 player. The backpack is 28 inches long.

Bicycle backpack

Price: $1000.00

Have you ever thought of carrying a bicycle on your back? You can make your travel more convenient if you have a bike with you wherever you go. This is now possible with the Everglide bicycle backpack. The backpack has been created by Frag Woodall from the University of Technology, Sydney. It is considered to be a great solution for short distance travel and personal management. The strongest features of the backpack are that it can be backpacked, cycled or wheeled. The design has a shaft mechanism making it clean, compact and lightweight. You can also plug in various hand-held devices like iPods and phones. They are quite expensive and cannot be used by kids with ease.

The hooded backpack

Price: $17.99

Hooded backpacks are for the style-conscious youngsters. They come in various colors and patterns. One of the top designers known for her hooded backpacks is Eleonore de Rukk. ‘Never without a hood’ is her motto. The backpack has a hood attached to it made of the same color and material. The backpack with the hood is very comfortable and helps you protect your head in certain circumstances. The backpack has a large center compartment where you can carry a lot of things. It has side pockets and zippers for protection. The straps are adjustable according to your convenience.

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