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The Funnel Wall rains music, literally!

Wind chimes are fun and everyone loves the soothing music they play every time a slight breeze hits them. However, this Dresden, Germany-based artsy neighborhood called Neustadt Kunsthofpassage decided to create a giant chime along the face of an entire building which incidentally plays music every time it rains!

Music building

Dubbed the Funnel Wall, the unique building has the outside wall covered in a unique gutter and drainage system that turns into a set of really amazing musical instruments when the water from a rain trickles down. This elaborate drainage system is designed to capture water as it runs off the building and the system of carefully placed musical instruments-like funnels and gutters allow it to chime out pleasing sounds every time it rains.

The building is located in the new town in the student district called Dresden and has become one of the most popular and enjoyable attractions for visitors flocking into this part of the world. The Funnel Wall was designed and created by artists André Tempel, Christoph Roßner and Annette Paul though we really don’t have much details on what prompted the team to create such an elaborate system just to make the sound of falling rain more pleasurable.

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