Fully functional 1/6 scale Star Wars arcade is a mini treat for gamers on a diet

The last of the Star Wars movies released way back in 2008 and even though Star Wars: The Clone Wars is not strictly a part of the original trilogy (or the subsequent prequel trilogy), it only served as a welcome addition to the genre that’s pretty much in a league of its own. Even though millions of fans worldwide have kept the legend of Star Wars alive, the fact of the matter remains that there is only so much entertainment that the Star Wars universe can produce and this 1/6 scale Atari Star Wars replica by Star Wars enthusiast Le Chuck is a testament to the fact.

Micro Star Wars arcade game

The mini arcade cabinet offers gamers the chance to play the 1983 Atari game after booting up into MAME4ALL. The aim, for those who haven’t played the game, is to destroy the Death Star though the GPX CAANOO Linux portable media player that powers the game only allows you to do so in graphics that were cutting edge way back in the 80’s.

Made from basswood, the mini Star Wars arcade comes with authentic light-up coin slots and a custom X-wing joystick yoke and stands in at a cute 12 inches though it more than makes up for its lack of a practical gaming size with the superb detailing on the mini cabinet.

Via: Dvice/ Hackaday

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