Fuel lets you make your own biodiesel at home easily and safely

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The continuously increase in fuel prices and their bad impact on the environment, has made us turned toward a better alternative and substitute well versed as biodiesel. Owing to their continuous demand in the market, Ben Guthrie offers a processor to make the biodiesel at home without much of chaos. Credited with the name “Fuel,” this personal biodiesel processor is completely safe and efficient to make alternate fuel source just within your room. It is even easier than doing a laundry and at the same time user-friendly too.

All you have to do so is pour the desired ingredients into the top and leave the rest on the processor. The automated pumps, heating elements and thermostats then perform the entire process. A display on the machine keeps you informed of the current status of biodiesel. Thanks to its pull-out tank that collects the waste glycerin, which may be easily transported and disposed of, or used for making soap. An entirely toxic free machine, Fuel demands nothing except for electrical source and water line, and gives in return efficient and user-friendly diesel.

fuel ben guthrie
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