Frustratingly stupid alarm clock number one, Jedi Training Remote Alarm Clock

Does you regular alarm clock not present enough of a challenge when it tries to wake you up with its annoying “beep beep” noise? Do you feel like you must throw a few things around before you get out of bed to make each morning feel more productive to you? Have you been ordered by the courts to check yourself into anger management more than once? Then this revolutionary Jedi Training Remote Alarm Clock is just the timepiece for you.

Jedi Training Ball Alarm Clock

Though the makers of this worthless timepiece have tried very hard to cash in on the sentiments of the avid Star Wars fan, we think no collector/geek in their right mind would ever want to purchase something of a collector’s item to actually throw it around each morning. Yet, if you feel like you must waste £19.99 of your hard earned money (and that too in this economy) at an alarm clock that’s gonna be fun for like 2 mornings (we’re guessing over your first weekend with the thing when you don’t really have to utilize every precious second getting ready for work), then you can order this Jedi Training Remote Alarm Clock from UK-based seller ForbiddenPlanet and Australian seller Frontline Hobbies. Remember to account for overseas shipping in the cost of your ridiculous purchase.

Jedi Training Ball Alarm Clock

Via: Technabob

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