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Frog Rana goes green with its second release

Cool, quirky and out of this world – this roadster will have all the bike junkies going ga-ga. When released, this will be the second version in the Frog series crafted by the Apple designer Hartmut Esslinger. The original version of the bike, dubbed as Frog FZ750, was released about 25 years ago. It is also referred to as the Rana motorcycle. Green living enthusiasts and environment conscious drivers will be thrilled to come across another carbon neutral auto.

Frog Rana 2 electric motorcycle

Along with its smashing look, its user interface also stands out. The latest Rana installment will work on battery power. The piece slots in three different battery cores. So, you will not be worried about running dry when you are zooming away on long rides as you can replace its batteries easily. Also Frog quotes that these speedsters will be running on a mechanism known as “nanoparticle crystalline copper hexacyanoferrate battery technology,” which is still being tested.

Apart from the hi tech technology for whizzing around in style, the product will also integrate other amazing features. There will be a dock to station your smartphone on the roadster. With this setup, it will be possible to deploy augmented reality widgets on your e-bike itself, which will be like the MOD Live goggles. This futuristic speedster will also incorporate functions that allows drivers to be safe on road. The light fitted at the back will serve as lane guides. Also, the vehicle will warn you when another driver is getting close to your automobile.

Via: The Verge

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