Freakin’ steampunk goggles to beat the heat this summer

steampunk goggles 01

We have seen some of the most interesting steampunk gadgets in the past, but steampunk goggles seem strikingly unusual, though exciting, not only to look at but also to use. Designed by Mac McGowan, proprietor of SteamBaby and maker of steampunk goggles, the heavy-duty goggles come in two different finishes, i.e. brass and silver for $95 and $85 respectively. The former with a brown strap features a clock wheel on one eye while the other is left plain. Somehow, the arms of the clock wheels don’t impair vision and provide a “heads up” display through clear polycarbonate lenses. While on the other hand, the silver goggles with black leather include darkened “smoke” colored lenses and touts chrome-plated brass rims and nickel-plated steel rivets and buckle. The custom-made goggles can be ordered in different lens colors, finishes and designs.

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Via: Etsy

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