Franc Vila FVa35 SuperSonico 5 Minutes Repeater sounds back time in musical code

franc vila fv35 supersonico 5 minute repeater watc
Franc Vila has delivered its latest brainchild to the world of horology. It’s a new FVa35 Super Sonico 5-Minute Repeater watch. Wearing a bold and slightly sinister look the watch incorporates a 5 minute repetition complication which makes the timepiece perfect for tough sporting activities.

franc vila fv35 supersonico 5 minute repeater watc
The 5 minute repeater is a chiming mechanism with a small intricate set of hammers hitting the gong whenever the time is closest to the 5 minute mark. A clever combination of dense and light material such as lightnium and titanium employed in the watch case brings clarity to the musical sound generated. The water resistant watch’s outer part is crafted from high-grade DLC blackened titanium whereas the front and back sides are fitted with sapphire crystals. The watch is priced high at $44,000.

Via: Luxist

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