Four in one Badac multipurpose furniture

Furniture that serves more than one function has been very popular for over 300 years now. From desks that come with built in storage to modular couches that can go from serving as seating to beds that can easily sleep two to three people. These days we even have couches that come with storage built under them to maximize the use of the space while bookcases built into stairs makes us rethink everything we knew about multifunctional furniture. However, designer Sang A Choi has a very different view of what multifunctional means when we talk about furniture and has created something called Badac which is meant to a number of furniture options in one.


The piece is inspired by Pyung Sang, a Korean flat form furniture style that can be the perfect all in one furnishing solution to someone who lives alone or needs to maximize the space that they live in. The Badac basically comprises of four different furniture items that are crafted into eight pieces. Each of the eight pieces is fitted right into a single structure though the movable pieces allow it to be used in different forms as and when needed.

Depending on the users need, the top or the bottom half of a piece can be flipped to use it as a shelf, a lamp, a coffee table and two seats worth backrests. When all the components are flipped to face the underside of the table, the user can use the entire piece as a single bed or a large seat and they can reverse a few pieces to turn it into a communal seat, a coffee table, a desk and even a large kitchen counter. Fashioned using mortise joints, the holes in the furniture can be easily converted t serve more than one function.

2 thoughts on “Four in one Badac multipurpose furniture”

  1. Wow, this was clever for anyone who has a small space they want to furnish. It looks like it also includes a lamp. My nephew could use something like this.

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