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Food preparation is simplified by employing both board and bin together

Love to cook and eat? Here comes an innovative creation by Nicole Dolan in form of a chopping board and a compost bin. The combination has been designed to aid domestic food preparation. First let’s talk about the chopping board. The chopping board is raised with 3 compartments beneath with two of them to catch vegetables and one to catch the peel. The vegetable holding compartments also act as a colander that can be used by the user to drain the water out. You just have to tip it to one side and then tip it back to stop it dripping. On the other hand, bin has got to lids with smaller one for quick disposals and the full lid when whole bin is to be emptied. The bin also fits the chopping board compartment that holds the peel.

Board and Bin

The Braun logo has been used to unify the design of the Board and Bin. Complementary colors like white and orange color have been used because they suit most kitchens. The middle tray is shorter and is used to catch the unwanted vegetable parts and also helps in removing the lid easily. Trays 1 and 3 have got holes on one side for draining water. All the trays stack inside together to make storage as compact as possible. Its usage is very simple, you just have to unpack the chopping board and set it up. Peel and chop the desired vegetables or even meat or fish products. Now simply push the peel in the middle compartment and food to the left or right tray. Remove the lid and wash the food with water and now tip the tray to drain the water out. Now food is ready to be placed into the saucepan.

Now go back to the table to collect the middle tray and open the small lid on the compost bin and tip the peel in. Now you can place the empty trays and the main board in the sink and rinse with water. Small handles have been provided on either side of the bin for easy grip while in the kitchen and emptying it in the bigger bin.

Via: Nicole Dolan Design

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