Foletta LED light responds to human touch

artimide lighting  01

Drawing inspiration from sprites and fireflies, designer Sam Gensburg has popped up an innovative lighting named “Filetta” (meaning pixel) that emulates the awe and excitement created by the light. Winner of the Artemide Lighting Competition, the interactive light curiously wanders about its surrounding like a pixel until it is confronted with human touch. You may turn the light on/off with two double finger taps on the surface. With one touch the glowing light is harnessed, and the user is empowered to influence their surroundings in an intimate and effortless way. Made of hand blown murano glass and a stainless steel (base), the Filetta uses LED light and touch interactive technology for illumination. The Filetta is estimated to cost something between $1000 and $1500.

artimide lighting  02
foletta led light

[Cheers Sam]

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