Foldable electric bike with specially designed shelf to store your belongings

seoulbicycle foldable bike 1
Undoubtedly the bicycle is the most eco friendly commuting mechanism for urban settings. It helps cut down pollution, ensures good health and gets you to places with ease through heavy traffic. Given all the benefits the humble bike endows let’s take a look at Carrier Bike from Korean designer Shin Hyung Sub Shin. The foldable bike changes forms to function in both carrier and riding mode.

seoulbicycle foldable bike 2
The bike design lays great stress on comfort in helping the biker carry belongings. The foldable structure of the bike has a shelf right in the center to store the user’s miscellany stuff. Even as the bike makes transition from carrier to bicycling mode the storage shelf remains in place without hindering riding ability in any way besides preventing theft. The bicycle is powered by an electric motor and a battery. It features spoke-less wheels and a handle bar that can also be used as a carrier handle.

seoulbicycle foldable bike 3
seoulbicycle foldable bike 4
seoulbicycle foldable bike 5

Via: DesignBoom

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