Foldable bluetooth keyboard adds value to portable devices

foldable bluetooth keyboard ovakI 58
Portable gadgets may have brought the entire world in our pockets through internet connectivity, but using internet on portable devices often become tedious as it takes too much time in typing a message or responding a stretched email. However, foldable MSI BK100 bluetooth keyboard is a unique accessory for Palm OS, Pocket PC devices and smartphones that helps the users to write in a more comfortable manner while working on their portable gadgets. Featuring bluetooth SPP Profile and 2.400GHz to 2.4835GHz (79 channels) operating frequency, the foldable keyboard is compatible with Pocket PC 2003 OS/Mobile phone edition 2003 and Symbian Smartphone User Interface series 60 and UIQ OS and runs on 2 x AAA batteries. The MSI BK100 comes in a compact 285 x 98 x 12mm size and just weights 184g. Users may effortlessly move the keyboard when away from home and work on it with equal ease. The foldable bluetooth keyboard is available from Brando for $54 only.

foldable bluetooth keyboard 1 oyDrk 58

Via: Geekalerts

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