Flower Hearing Aid provides a delicate yet modern hearing device for young users

Hearing problems can be a major social stigma, given the amount of inconvenience and issues associated with the whole process. However, what makes things worse is the additional hearing aids one has to wear in order to correct the hearing capacity. This is further intensified in the case of younger women who have to look pretty and keep their looks in place.


Keeping all these things in mind, the stylishly designed hearing aid piece by designer Hanna Helm is a comfort to the ear. Helm is an industrial designer and has come up with specially crafted Flower Hearing Aid, developed specially for younger women with hearing problems. The device couples up as a fantastic flower clip and has a hearing device attached to it. It fits into the ear neatly, allowing the user to never ever face the brunt of being in a compromising position.


The Flower Hearing Aid comes fitted with an embedded microphone, and eliminates the need of any other additional hearing devices. It has the power to reduce any kind of disturbances, voice distortions and feedback. The device comes fixed with rechargeable batteries, allowing you to charge it up once the power goes down. No more worries of losing precious battery power when in use.

The Hearing Aid will provide the much needed relief to one and all, especially when it comes to being stylishly modern and unique in one’s approach.

Via: KevinHelmDesign

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