Floralis Generica, a beautiful metallic sculpture that blooms like a real flower

Taking cue from delicate flowers is Eduardo Catalano, an architect from Argentina. Floralis Generica, a metallic sculpture, has been crafted meticulously and looks like a beautiful flower. The metallic creation has a lot of pizzazz and the most stunning part is its ability to bloom all through day and close when the atmosphere gets shrouded with darkness at night, just like a real flower.

Floralis Generica

The captivating Floralis Generica has been installed at the Plaza de las Naciones Unidas and stands 20 meters high. The structure is an amazing piece of art, which has been crafted from 18 tons of aluminum and stainless steel and is controlled with the help of a hydraulic system as well as photocells. The nicely shaped petals that are 13 meter long have been attuned in a way that they open at 8 in the morning and close when dusk sets in. All this is controlled by the presence of a hydraulic system and photocells.

The presence of photocells in the design gives the sumptuous creation an eco friendly trait, which is worth noticing. These capture solar energy that provides energy for the functioning of the artful creation. The magnificent creation stands amidst a pond full of water and measures 40 meters in diameter when it blooms, leaving people mesmerized. The ultra modern designing gives a breathtaking reflection of the city. Floralis Generica stands out when compared to its surroundings, just because of its thoughtful and brilliant designing. But, sadly the metallic creation is broken at this point of time, which leaves visitors depressed.

Via: Inhabitat

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