Floow bike with optional roof to guard the rider against harsh weather

floow bike 02

Riding a bike in rain or chilly weather conditions is no less than an adventure, taking the breath out of the rider. Making your ride a bit easier and safer, the “Floow” is an innovative bike that comes with an optional roof to protect the rider from harsh weather conditions. Running on four wheels, the recumbent bike integrates a full seat with a large back rest to seat and move the rider in utmost comfort. Featuring a body finished in carbon fiber, the Floow also includes an extended handle to steer and stop the bike without putting extra pressure on the rider’s body, while the full suspension system ensures a smooth and comfortable ride in all weather conditions.

floow bike 01
floow bike 03
floow bike 04
floow bike 05
floow bike 06

Via: Designboom

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