Floating boat design themed on Noah’s Ark

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Russian architect Vladimir Plotkin has designed a floating boat that can be set adrift in a placid lake or a gentle river. The houseboat has a raft portion and a raised giant disc-like structure. The former holds the sunbathing and socializing spaces while the latter holds the living spaces, assisted with ladders and portholes. The interiors have gorgeous lattice walls and have an airy, rustic feel. The walls also let the sunlight in and so do the portholes. This beautifully designed houseboat was built on the theme of ‘Noah’s Ark’ for a summer festival. The houseboat looks safe enough and can be steered with poles. The exquisite interiors, a body that provides safety and also the warmth that a houseboat could provide make this a design, which can’t be ignored easily and could very well be your on ark.

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Via: Freshome

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