Float Series: Enjoy social atmosphere in the lap of luxury

float series1

Taking the relationship between human life and furniture to the next level is designer Cassy Lee, who creates magic with her designs. Bringing luxury, style and functionality together is what she calls the “Float Series”. This lounge seating set comprises of three pieces that can be rearranged and put together to accommodate various requirements in the form of cluster seating and space dividers. Such stunning use of maple, plywood and synthetic leather to create amazing modular and mobile design deserves appreciation. Specially designed for dark environments, like nightclubs, restaurants, lounges and other public areas, the Float Series sets up a perfect ambiance for people to connect with each other. You don’t need to bother about your belongings, the storage space within the seats will keep them safely while you enjoy socializing. The under-mount lighting not only adds to the aesthetics, but creates the illusion of floating.

float series2

float series3

float series4

float series5

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