Flickering mirage in the desert: Dubai Towers

dubai towers

Imagine having a candlelit dinner in the shadows of a structure that replicates the wavering flames itself. Now hold that thought till 2011. Located in Dubai, UAE, the Dubai Towers are being built as a special spectacle for the night. These towers are four in number and are modeled to reflect the movement of candlelight. The Dubai Towers rise 400, 330, 310 and 240 meters above the ground level. They twist, turn, wave, taper and do every imaginable thing to stay true to their inspiration. Designed by Thompson, Ventulett, Stainback & Associates, these towers are being built on a development called The Lagoons, and will be ready in mid-2010. The towers will contain numerous apartments, spas, hotels, gyms, spas, and any other luxury establishment imaginable. All these will be located on the floors which vary from 57 to 94 in number as per the varying dimensions of the towers. The iconography on these architectural marvels might seem great to you now, just wait till you see the real thing(s)! Check out more images in picture gallery after jump.

Via: Worldarab

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