Flex Leg helps you walk around with an injured leg

This prosthetic leg will help you get back to normal when you are suffering from a leg injury. Though there are other mobility aids in the market to help out people with leg injuries, they are not very functional. But the design of Flex Leg is a lot more empathetic and purposeful. Even though the equipment cannot be used for all types of leg injuries, it does have its own set of upsides.

Flex Leg

Most people use crutches to walk when their legs are injured, which exerts strain on their hands and doesn’t make the task of walking very easy either. But this one will allow you to walk easily and with a natural gait. Your hands will stay free when you pace around and the movement will be very similar to the way you strutted around without an injury. You won’t have to bear the weight of your upper body like one usually does while holding crutches.

The construction of the crutch is quite intelligent. The lightweight piece has an aluminum and composite construction. Walking around with it will be a snap. The piece is flexible and easy to maneuver. Moreover, its natural shock absorption system is of great assistance. You will be able to walk not only on leveled surfaces but also on uneven terrain with this piece. Treading on bumpy pathways, cascading stairs and sloped surfaces will be a cinch.

Flex Leg is actually conceived by Mike Sanders, a master’s student of mechanical engineering at Brigham Young University. He took help from his engineering batch mate Mark Roberts to craft the design. The idea of this invention took off from a simple fact that there are many prosthetic legs for disabled people but a model had not been devised yet to help one rehabilitate from leg injuries.

Via: Gizmag

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  1. Hi! I would like to purchase one of these for my grandmother. Where might I get them from? Is there an online store or website that sells flex leg?

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