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Flexible displays for cellphones are something that most of us have read about. However, we do not completely understand what they are. But who cares? They look really cool and straight out of a sci-fi movie. Flexible displays are slated to be used on tho

Flex your chatter with flexible display cellphone concepts

Flexible displays for cellphones are something that most of us have read about. However, we do not completely understand what they are. But who cares? They look really cool and straight out of a sci-fi movie. Flexible displays are slated to be used on those gadgets that people use on a daily basis, such as PDAs, cell phones, ebook readers, and so forth. They are also to be put on electronic gadgets used by the military. A flexible display means that the user can literally bend the device without the fear of breaking it. Here is a list of some of the most creative flexible display cellphone concepts that would let users flex their chatter in style.

Samsung concept phone with foldable AMOLED display

Samsung was the first company to come up with a foldable/flexible display. The latest from them is a prototype that was launched just a few months back. It is made by sandwiching two super AMOLED panels, a module case, silicone rubber and a gorilla glass protection cover. The prototype has responded well in test scenarios. Experts say that the screen was folded over 100,000 times before a decrease of 6 percent in display brightness was noticed, which barely detectable to the human eye. The design is by Heyon You and will make it possible for smartphones from Samsung to have a display larger than 7”.

Nokia’s Humanform flexible concept phone

If this phone did not have the Nokia logo it would probably have had alien written all over it. One has to really see the promotional video for the Humanform phone from Nokia to believe in its exceptional looks. This phone is light years ahead of its time. The phone is teardrop shaped and houses a wicked, closely guarded nanotechnology concept. The device is flexible and its entire surface is touch sensitive and operates on user’s gestures. The design has been segmented for reception of gestures that are lot like those for the Wiimote. The device also houses Nokia’s mammoth Kinetic Device. Nokia recently showcased the shell of Humanform, which did not do much except bend, but it did so in a really cool alien style.

Flexible screen cellphone concept by Kyocera

Kyocera, the Japanese manufacturer, has come up with a flexible phone that is virtually a shape shifter. The phone is dubbed as the “EOS” and thanks to its flexible OLED display that can transform into a wallet, a clamshell or a purse. The casing is a soft and semi rigid polymer. The design is superbly clean and compact and the device itself is greatly adaptable, as in it opens up to reveal a large widescreen display. But that is not where the coolness of this device ends. The phone does not require a battery. You heard right! The phone has inbuilt nano piezoelectric generators which converts the kinetic energy, from user gestures and interactions, into electrical energy. So the more you use the phone, the more the energy it creates.

Philips Fluid smartphone with flexible OLED display

It was Brazilian designer Dinard da Mata who conceived the “Fluid” for Phillips. It is a smartphone concept that stays loyal to its name and is flexible in every imaginable way. The phone can be wrapped around the wrist to double up as a wristwatch or a bracelet and can be accessed easily on the go. The phone is exceptionally energy efficient. As suggested by the image the phone lacks a physical keypad but the shape and the adaptability of the flexible display allows user interactions either horizontally or vertically.

Super Flex Smartphone by Nari Lee

Now this phone simply looks like a futuristic lampshade. We have seen ideas whizzing across drawing boards into production, when it came to coming up with radical concept designs and exploring new possibilities of user interactions. Finest examples of such devices would be the Napkin PC and the Bento Box Laptop. The Super Flex by Nari Lee is basically a lampshade in disguise and doubles up as charging dock when not in use. The design incorporates a flexible LED display around a hilt. However, it looks more like a curvy tablet than a smartphone.

Morphy Pliable flexible Mobile Phone concept

Conceived by designer Kirk Schneider, this phone is well equipped to tout subtlety and specs. Schneider designed a phone for Morphy that incorporates existing flexible display and circuit technology and is capable of getting deformed simply by absorbing the user’s body heat. The cover of the phone is a new revolutionary flexible hybrid plastic which is dubbed as “memory material” that remembers your body temperature and the shape it was in when in contact with you. Kirk is confident that the phone will hit the markets in about 18 months with the current development pace.

Flexible cellphone concept by Yun Liang

Chinese always come up with something innovative and stylish. This trendy phone has been created being inspired by Chinese scrolls. Yun Liang’s Scroll smartphone uses a flexible OLED display that takes its design’s inspiration from unfurling scrolls. When the phone is not in use the display recedes smoothly into a tube. The numeric keypad is a physical one and has been integrated alongside the length of the tube. This makes it possible to use the phone without actually having to draw out the screen. Thus, you need to unfurl your scroll only while viewing texts, mails or media.

i Roll, a space-saving roll-up cellphone concept

Just like the phone above it, this phone also incorporates a scroll like design concept. The best part about this phone is its size. It is hardly bigger than an average pen and it comes with a flexible headset that allows making or receiving calls. Both the outer casing and the retractable screen are made up of a flexible OLED display. The casing shows important notifications as new texts, mails, missed calls and battery life. The phone also features a fully rotatable camera and a USB connector at the bottom.

Rollerphone Bracelet concept Phone with a Flexible Display

Russian designer Alexey Chugunnikov has come up with a design that has been allegedly touted as the “mother of all concept phones”. The Rollerphone comes with a transparent OLED display that is both flexible and retractable. It looks like a harmless wristband at first glance but pull out the display and you have a fully functional phone that spans from your wrist to the tip of your middle finger. The display is rectangular yet extremely ergonomic. The user interface is intuitive and exceptionally smooth. The phone also has an inbuilt speaker and a microphone in the wristband.

Nokia’s kinetic flexible screens and twisted interface

Nokia adds to this list again with its Kinetic device. Straight from Nokia’s Future Lounge comes another flexible device that can be folded any which way you like, and the phone operates on twist gestures. For example, if you bend the phone towards you it will select the current option or zoom the image you are viewing. The same twist gestures work for the music player as well. The Kinetic device is still under development and is a long way from actually being installed onto phones. Nokia promises to come up with a working super AMOLED prototype soon, and Nokia is known to deliver what it promises.

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