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Flaunt your wine collection in a transformer styled wine rack made from scrap

Drinking and driving should never be clubbed together, but car scraps and wine surely be. A used car salesman has made a wine rack using nothing but car and motorcycle junk transmission parts. The wine rack has been shaped like a huge transformer, which definitely manages to send creeps and fetches attention because of its not-so-appealing looks.

Scrap Metal Transformer Wine Rack

Metal is a popular choice for wine racks, but this one of a kind rack will definitely set you wheezing. This is nothing but half ton of pure junk put together into an enormous robot, which has been styled like a transformer. The free standing creation will bring the magic of the popular sci-fi flick right inside the warmth of your house, surprising many around. The robot lights up when attached to a normal household plug, which gives the wine rack added character.

Slots to store wine bottles make it look as if the beast is all ready to destroy anyone who comes in its way by shooting these bottles right across their skull. The transformer can be loaded with 32 wine bottles and is nothing less than a piece of stunning art created using junk that would have otherwise got loaded with rust. If you are a wine lover, then this art form will definitely be a great way to display your wine collection.

The wine hungry, scrap metal transformer doesn’t come cheap and has been stashed with a heavy price tag of $7000, which is quite some money to own this giant.

Via: Technabob

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