Flatmate Desk by Michael Hilgers for Müller Möbelwerkstätten

Flatmate Desk brings the luxury of workstations to small flats

People living in smaller spaces often accept the fact they have to use their ottomans and sitting stools or even kitchen counters when they need a place to set up their workstation. However, a smaller living space doesn’t necessarily have to be so restricting and if you get used to unconventional looking furniture, you can totally get the comfort of a proper desk right within your bijou five storey walkup! Created for Müller Möbelwerkstätten by designer Michael Hilgers, the Flatmate desk is created to occupy relatively less space on the floor while providing people with enough desk space to be able to finish office work or simply have a place to stash all their office files.


Flatmate Desk
Flatmate DeskFlatmate Desk

The slim design of the desk allows it to be stood against a wall without hogging much square footage underneath. When the functional end of the desk is opened up, it provides a comfy flat surface that is steady enough to write on, use a laptop on and even stash files, folders, stationary etc on though it isn’t a good idea to use the desk for setting up a desktop computer.


Flatmate Desk
Flatmate DeskFlatmate Desk

However, you can still set up a proper workstation on the desk using laptops and tablets and even smartphones and other small electronics by using the integrated power supply to charge your gadgets without setting up a web of wires all around it. Slats built into the back of the upper end allow you to fit shelves to hold objects and devices with the sides providing storage space for CDs and files. And the best part is, you can simply fold the writing surface back up, remove the chair and get all your floor space back when you don’t need to use the desk!

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