Flash Dock integrates a smartphone holder with DSLR for trouble free clicking

Flash-Dock is a savvy device that merges your smartphone with a DSLR. The handy contraption has been fabricated by applying a simple and nifty trick. Right on top of the DSLR camera is a cobra flash socket that can hold onto your smartphone tightly. So, there is no need to hold the camera in the other hand, stuff it in your pocket or balance it on the edge of a jagged rock while you are taking shots out in the open. Capturing photographs becomes a lot easier as the new invention allows you to stay hands free.


Plus, you can now send out pictures from the DSLR directly to your smartphone. But this can be done only if you have Eye-Fi SD cards with a Wi-Fi capability. The process of photo transfer becomes really hassle free with this add-on. Additionally, the whole transfer happens real fast and you won’t fritter away hours sending out shots to your smartphone.


This will be a big relief to people who don’t have time to transfer snaps after a long holiday. They won’t regret not having time to collate all snaps and can hit work the very next day without cribbing. Professional photographs will also love the feature. They won’t have to spend too much time doing routine tasks like transferring snaps. Most of all, every lazybone out there will simply be kicked about the idea.


The camera costing $40 has other handy features too. The device makes geotagging a lot simpler and the feature can be implemented in two ways. One is to save GPS files on your smartphone. These files can then be integrated with photo descriptions, which are then used for geotagging. You can also transmit GPS information from your smartphone to the camera using Bluetooth.

Via: Chip chik

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