Five amazing bicycles made using wood

With time, bicycles have lost their value as now people prefer scooters or motorbikes over them, but still many are doing their best to bring them back over time. Many designers and inventors are offering their creativity to make bikes more innovative and unique. Environmentalists are trying hard to spread awareness by suggesting bikes as the solution to excessive global warming and exhausting oil supplies. Accordingly, designers came up with incredible biodegradable bikes made out of wood.

Check out the amazing fully functional bikes made out of wood.



You have always thought that bicycle frames are made up of some kind of metal but a student from Germany Jens Eichler, just proved it wrong. He made out the bicycle frames from beech timber and carved with properly.  The amazing bike frames used two beech plywood sheets with some tools and a strong adhesive. The bicycle is named as ‘Renovatia’.


Everything from gears, the saddle, and all other bike components are from wood. The whole bike is crafted from different combinations of wood, for instance the metal bearing is made from oily ironwood, the full frame and the wheels is made from birch plywood. Several parts are made from recycled wooden product like an old handle of a broom which constituted for handlebars and the Pedals. The trickiest part was the chain and took thousand men to complete this beautiful full functional bike. It can reach to a high speed of 31 miles per hour.


Lagomorph design

Rich people never thought bicycles as their mode of transportation maybe because of the lack of class and elegance. Now, they can try this elegant bike designed for the elite folk of our society. The exclusive bike is crafted from American black walnut with a Lagomorph design. The perfectly designed bike is highly efficient combined with high performance as well. The breaks are from Diacomp. And the pedals are from white Industries.  Yes its quite expensive but worth its price.

Slawomir Weremkowicz

Weremkowicz is the solo creator of many fully functional bikes. The bikes are perfectly carved and chiseled, which is a real treat to the eyes as you can’t take your eyes off. The bikes are made from different types of wood and recycled wooden materials.


Flat Frame

If bikes are your style, then the sleek wooden bike launched by Flat Frame systems is ideal for you! The frame is quite shiny with a glossy touch as it is covered with best quality veneer polish. The unique quality of the bike is that it uses hollow tubes made from a flat material.

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