Fitness Watch to monitor you workout seamlessly at the gym

Of late, people have become all the more health conscious, which is evident from the numbers of fitness centers that have cropped up in recent years. In a hope to make the workout experience all the more satisfying, Andrew Dapore has designed the Fitness Watch that will trigger fitness lovers to move that extra inch for a rewarding experience.

Fitness Watch

It is seen that people join a gym with a lot of enthusiasm, but it fades after a few days or months due to the lack of proper guidance or the much required motivation. This where the Fitness Watch will prove to be of great help and account for a more engaging experience that many of us might have been longing for. It will be connected to the gym’s network, which will in turn carefully keep a check on your workout regime and guide you accordingly. This will let a trainer flexibly tweak your workout plan according to your condition and personal goals.

The design has an easy to read and very simple display. Normally, it becomes difficult to operate a gadget with sweaty hands but nothing like this will arise when using the Fitness Watch. Your workout will be monitored effortlessly as all the machines in the gym will have add-on sensors. These sensors will help track your workout as the watch will pick signals from the equipments automatically and display the results on the screen. Apart from this, the watch can also be used outside the gym, as the built in GPS will record the distance, speed, time and add it to your profile at the gym. The built in proximity sensors on the heart rate strap can count push ups and pull ups for a better experience.

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