Fincube is a high-tech, low energy residence to promote eco-tourism

fincube 01

Promoting eco-tourism in Italy, hotelier Josef Innerhof in collaboration with Studio Aisslinger has developed a low energy yet high-tech residence near Bozen in northern Italy that other than reducing the carbon footprint of the users also presents a mesmerizing view of Italy’s Dolomite Mountains. Dubbed the “Fincube,” the one-bedroom dwelling is built off the ground on a pedestal to allow natural ventilation. Finished wholly in local wood, the eco-home comprises a kitchen, living area, bedroom and bathroom, all covered by triple-glazed windows that offer a 360° view of the surroundings. Controlled by a central touchpad, the sustainable house allows a luxurious lifestyle amid forests, meadows and mountains. Easy to install, the Fincube when not required can be dismantled and moved to another place with minimum fuss, leaving no footprints behind.

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Via: Inhabitat

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