Fashion for smokers: Clean City Lab portable ashtray concept

Created by designer Mandana Dilmaghani for JTI and Future Concept Lab, the Clean City Lab is an innovative concept, which seems to bring about a change in the way smokers dispose off their cigarette butts. Most smokers on the go tend to chuck their cigarette butts in trashcans or on the sidewalk, which poses threat to fire safety and leaves pavements littered with unseemly smashed cigarette butts and ash. The Clean City Lab provides smokers with an alternative way of disposing cigarette ash and butts.

Necklace ashtray

In order to provide a cleaner urban environment without asking smokers to give up smoking or setting up a widespread ban on smoking in public, the design uses a pendant-shaped portable ashtray to allow users to changing their habit of throwing their cigarette butts on the streets.

This ashtray concept turns something as undesirable as an ashtray into a funky fashion accessory, which appeals to the fashion sense of smokers and allows them to indulge in their guilty pleasure without being a nuisance to others.

Necklace ashtray

The structure of this ashtray concept was inspired by the ‘Neuer Zollhof’ building in Düsseldorf, Germany created by Frank Gehry. The necklace itself features a flexible plastic lid sitting atop an organically shaped aluminum body, which ensures that the cigarettes that the users dump in it extinguish properly. The airtight sealing lid also prevents the residual smoke from escaping the container and clinging to the users’ clothes.

Via: Carbon Made

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