Fashion design marries architecture in dARCH studio’s Yeshop In House!

papercut design

Fashion designer Yiorgos Eleftheriades approached Greek architectural office dARCH studio for a project. The designer wanted to transform his studio in Psirri (Athens) into a piece of art and he got exactly that. The merging of inputs from the world of fashion design and architecture has resulted in a breathtaking transformation of the designer’s studio. The architects tried to develop on a theme that maintained the continuity of space and also homogenized the events that would take place in the concerned space. The entire arrangement was altered and eco-friendly corrugated packaging carton was used to cover up the walls in a manner that would emphasize the visitors’ movements within. As a matter of fact the entire massy furniture was suspended and even put to different uses (for instance book case became a stand for coffee machine). The materials used in construction were eco-friendly – corrugated carton and low cost OSB wood – and they led to wonderful space contrasting, both in value and texture. Read the entire process of transformation here. All said and done, dARCH did amazingly well in merging the different realities of the worlds of fashion design and architecture. Check out the gallery below for a sneak peek into Yiorgos’ gorgeous studio.

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