Fanatical chargers for your cellphone

Since the conventional sources of energy are fast draining out, we need alternative cellphone charging options to meet the need. We present to you some bizarre cellphone chargers that have been invented to ensure a green and sustainable world. Here are seven unique and magnificent cellphone charger designs for your handsets.

Yo Yo iPhone Charger

Yo Yo charger is an induction-powered iPhone charger that lets you charge your iPhone using induction technology. The device features a tiny onboard LI cell that can store the power generated from induction. You need not to hook up the Yo Yo charger with the electricity outlets. The charger generates power, stores it and charges your iPhone in an eco-friendly way.

Rubik’s Cube Charger

The Rubik’s Cube has been just a plaything until now. But with the Rubik’s Cube Magic Charger, you can generate power while playing with the cube. The energy can be stored in a built-in lithium-ion battery, and can be used to charge your handsets, music players and other devices. It works in sync with the electro magnetic induction technology that helps the cube gather up power while you play with it.

Power Pump Charger

The U.K cellular service provider Orange has designed an exciting mobile phone charger called Orange Power Pump. The turbine-powered mobile phone charger requires someone to pump air with the foot. The air from the pump propels the turbine to generate power. On pressure from pumping, the turbine creates sustainable energy to recharge your smartphone. For a five minute charge on your smartphone, you need to pump the device as much you want to inflate an air pillow.

Solar Tree Charger

Solar Tree Charger is an artificial tree with 54 solar cells on its boughs. The solar cells produce energy for your smartphone. You can connect your handset with the device and place it somewhere in sunlight. You can adjust each solar panel so that it could be made certain that each panel gets exposed to enough sunlight. Usage of solar cells makes it an eco-friendly mobile phone charger.

Orange Dance Charger

Orange has designed this kinetic energy mobile phone charger. It was tested at the Glastonbury music festival in 2010. As its name indicates, Dance Charger produces power when revelers dance in joy. The charger is a 4.25 x 2.5-inch / 180-gram Velcro and elastic band that can be worn on one’s hand. As per the wearer’s movements, power will be generated from the device, which will help recharge cellphones and other handheld devices.

Solar Bra Charger

Japanese firm, Triumph International Japan Ltd has realized a Bra Charger for women with a solar panel. Women, who love nature, can wear this wonderful piece of bra, which can help them constantly charge their mobile devices or music players. The solar cell in the front part of the bra reaps power from sun and sends to the handsets connected with it.

iRetrofone Steampunk Charger

Artist Scott Freeland has sculpted this copper iPhone charger in the form of an ancient day telephone. So it is named iRetrofone Steampunk Charger. On the device, you can dock your iPhone 4 for charging. Since it is made from copper, it is heavy as well as expensive. You have to pay $450 to buy the charger, but it promises to take you back in time.

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