Family Day Superyacht to take you on a foolhardy yet comfy expedition

With explorer yachts like Big Fish coming into the picture, people are looking past luxury cruising. They are going back to the bygone fad of using yachts to explore uncharted destinations, desolate locations and hidden corners of the globe. So, marine enthusiasts and trailblazers of the choppy seas will love the concept of Family Day, which is a unique combination of an exploratory liner and luxury pleasure boat. The spectacular piece comes from Dutch studio Joachim Kinder Yacht Design.

Family Day

This explorer yacht combines the thrill of adventure along with a luxurious leisurely layout. The spacious deck area houses a 12 meter long pool. Use the elevator to alight on the deck in style. The rear end will hold three cantilever balconies so that you can enjoy the view when you are sailing. If the cruiser has so many groovy features, then the lodging also has to be equally mind blowing. It has a main state room along with four family staterooms. Also included are six guestrooms and 15 crew cabins. The vessel has enough space for your family, additional guests and even crew members. All in all, the family yacht can accommodate about 52 people onboard.

Family Day

The liner looks super-duper grand stretching its 110 meter long hull amidst the cool blue waters. Its main superstructure is humongous and looks quite rugged due to the steely shield and modern axe bow it has. The space inside will be well planned allowing people to move about effortlessly. Natural light will illuminate the staircase. Two custom motorboats on board will be designed just like the yacht and will measure about 20 meters. And hold your breath, the boat also has a helipad on which you can land safely and also take off.

Via: Super Yacht Design

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