F1 Steering Wheel concept LCD LED Watch vows to set pulses racing

F1 Steering Wheel Watch Concept

Are you an F1 fan and like a zooming car on the track? If you just nodded your head in affirmation, then the product in question will set your pulse racing. A good piece of watch can ornament your wrist in an attention-grabbing manner. A designer named Peter from UK has crafted the F1 Steering Wheel Concept LCD LED Watch, which will sail through the hearts of F1 lovers.

A typical F1 steering wheel has a lot of buttons that serve various purposes. Taking cue from the overall design, this unique watch has been brought to life that makes eyes do a speedy somersault in surprise. The position of shift lights of an F1 steering wheel gets swapped with the hour display, the Speedo with minute indication, while the seconds will nicely sit in a rev counter manner. The time will be displayed in an attractive mode with the use of LEDs. These will lend brightness to the concept and highlight the overall designing.

The watch is a perfect blend of digital and numeric display that manages to arrest praises. It will make gizmo-geeks and auto-lovers go berserk and owning one will be like winning a gold badge. The watch will manage to cause ripples with its unique design. If you are an F1 fan, then strapping a watch shaped like a steering wheel around your wrist will send in an adrenaline rush and etch an eternal smile on your face.

Via: Tokyoflash

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