Four eyes eyewear combines reading glasses with sunglasses

Anyone who has ever spent a good amount of time wearing prescription glasses would know how irritating it can be to fumble with multiple pairs of glasses. Bifocals promise to solve the problem but one still needs to keep a pair of glasses with photochromic lens to counter the harsh sunlight. Designer Giulio Iacchetti too had been struggling with sever near-sightedness since his pre-teens and after a few decades of struggling with many pairs of glasses and dealing with jeers he came up with a handy and practical solution. Dubbed 4occhi which literally translates as “four eyes”, the spectacular pair of spectacles comes with two pairs of glasses fitted into one simple reversible frame that lets users carry a couple of pairs of glasses right on their face!

4occhi Four eyes eyewear

4occhi Four eyes eyewear

Unlike classic bifocal lenses, the 40cchi glasses offer users the comfort of using the entirety of a lens for a single purpose without giving up the convenience of having two pairs in one. The design may invite some name calling and inquisitive stares from strangers when you walk down the street with a pair of inverted glass lenses stuck to the top of the one on your nose but at least you’ll never have to carry a spare set on your person.

4occhi Four eyes eyewear

The 4occhi glasses can be customized according to personal needs and you can have the separate pairs fitted with lenses for mid-distance use, eye relaxation, night use, tinted lenses, reading lenses and so on.

4occhi Four eyes eyewear

The 4occhi glass frame is constructed using a wood and cotton fiber derived material called Cadore which is essentially cellulose acetate, the plant-based plastic used in fashioning buttons and combs. Made entirely by hand in Italy, the 4oochi eyewear is available in a limited series run only with tortoise-shell, transparent, white and black being the only available colors.

4occhi Four eyes eyewear

Via: Core 77/ Palomar Web

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