Extraordinarily designed GT3 Series loudspeaker betrays you for a sneaky spy camera

gt3 loudspeaker 1
It’s called breaking the mold. One might mistake it for a sneaky spy camera at the first glance, but mind you they are completely innocent. Design e has affected an extraordinary fusion of art with technology to create the GT3 Series loudspeaker. Giving a new dimension to its hi-fi design, the ball-shaped speaker system has been mounted on a solid wooden stand to make them stand out of the crowd. The speaker design challenges the conventional MDF box approach to manifest a product range that lends sophistication to your home theater system. The GT3 speakers are available in three colors: white, mocha and magenta pearl.

gt3 loudspeaker 2
gt3 loudspeaker 3
gt3 loudspeaker 4
gt3 loudspeaker 5
gt3 loudspeaker 7
gt3 loudspeaker 8
gt3 loudspeaker 9
gt3 loudspeaker 10

Via: Designe

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