Extendable table serves up a big dose of style to any dining room

Compact lodging doesn’t mean you have to compromise with stylish living. Smart and extendable furniture, designed in consideration with compact spacing, could be used to improve quality of living even in smaller houses. The extendable dining table that we are going to talk about here has been designed and manufactured by Draenert, a firm well known for creating huge collection of furniture ranging from classy dining hall table designs to refined glass tables.

Dining Table for Small Spaces

The extendable dining table superbly blends utility and style in a single piece designed specifically for small spaces. The table top features a rectangular or round apex crafted in wood or stone held up by a sleek steel base. It also features two 50cm leafs to extend the size of the table. The center leaf could be lifted and integrated with the other two halves of the table top. The ingenious technique of integrated lifting mechanism makes the extension a method of amazing ease.

The extensions are seamless such that you cannot make out were the add-ons have been added to the center leaf. The table comes with original dimensions of 105 x 164cm and height about 74cm and could be extended to 105 x 280cm. The table is perfect to serve any size of dining room all thanks to its uniform and stylish look.

Via: Trendir

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