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Exploring Designs in Windows

Consider this differential. You have hired the best architects in town, the best interior designers around and chosen everything very carefully, the paints, the style and probably even the bricks which are going to be shaped in a manner which will someday be your home.

After doing so much, what if it is still called a box? Yes everything is perfect, but how about those windows? You may wish to actually open them for some wind or cross ventilation or you might just construct several to lend a complete new look to your house. Whatever it is; be sure as not to underestimate the power of windows for your home.

Beating the Tradition

Normally the windows are always either rectangular or shaped in the form of a square. Not that it is your fault entirely. Whenever you are dreaming about your home, you are more concerned about the size, shape and structure of the rooms and the outlay of the house.

Windows however can delightfully transform your home and settling for uncommon designs will certainly erase the necessity of it being called a box.

There are so many shapes of windows in which you can want your house to be decked in.

For starters, think about the earth and you might just like the idea of circular windows.

Another design to consider would be the triangle or the inverted triangle. Be it an octagonal design, a hexagonal design and of course any other uneven design like a trapezoid, make sure that you experiment.

The Dough Bro

Nevertheless, it is time to remind you that the more intricate the design of your uniquely shaped windows, the more costly they might turn out to be. In that case, you can always think about mixing the normal with the decadent.

For example, settle for a half arch on top of your regular rectangle or square.

However, if serious cost cutting is to be done or invested in, there is so much more you can just go crazy about.

For one, choosing the quality of glass for those windows will also be a point to ponder upon. Like, you would not want the insulation. Therefore, you have to choose one which will keep the house cool during summers and warm during winters.

Your concern should also be toward what you want your windows to do. If you want them to be an open and shut case, make sure that the sliders are up or down, side by side or an awning one.

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