Expandable dining tables serve a big dose of style to any dining room

Changes in architectural planning induced by scarcity of spacing and modernized approach towards home designing have made compact lodging an important part of the interior style factor. Utilizing the trend, designers have come up with their creative layouts for extendable dining table. But so many amazing designs out there in the market have made culling even more arduous. As before exercising the choice it is imperative to know what is exactly wanted. Have a look at some of the amazing extendable dining tables which can customize your settings and make your task a bit easier.

Extendable Adler by Draenert

Alder is an extendable dining table from Draenert which combines fashion with function. With a slight corporate look it is best suited for small spaces. It resembles a length stretched rectangular sheet well supported by a solid steel base. Two 50 cm leafs expand the table’s size without disturbing the uniformity of design and succeeds in providing extra yards on the table. The table measures 105 x 164 x height 74 cm plus extensions of 105 x 260 x height 74 cm and 105 x 180 x height 74 cm plus extensions of 105 x 280 x height 74 cm. This elegant dining table by Draenert definitely serves the purpose of a stylish dining room.

Astrolab dining table

Bright and brilliant, Astrolab dining table speaks for itself. It is a fantastically designed table from Roche Bobois. Featuring expansion this dining table has a glass top supported by glittering aluminum legs. It has a battery operated and remotely controlled motorized cog mechanism which unfolds dual 40cm extensions. It provides enough space for hosting any type of dinner gathering. The glass top supports the visibility of mechanism and gears yields a retro mechanical outlook. This fabulous dining table has potential to fit into any type of dining room.

IKEA MAME Dinner Table

IKEA MAME is a stylish and fun packed dining table. It is expandable and features a MAME cabinet that can be revealed when it slides are apart. With a fastened LCD, all controls are wired to an I-PAC affixed under the table frame. This turns it into a fabulous platform for playing video games which makes it a delight for gamers. When closed, it functions as a dining table offering large space needed for parties. This sensational and innovative dining table is a fine choice for any dining room.

Extendable Frame Table from Ozzio

Taking into account the deficiency of housing and utility space in the urbanized areas, Italian furniture maker Ozzio has came up with a state-of-the-art table frame. It has movable panels which can be adjusted in accordance to the required accommodation. Thus, it allows to adjust itself for either a classic breakfast for duet or a dinner for an elegant evening gathering. These ostentatious dining tables are available in multicolored finishes with carved legs. These dining tables can be adjusted in any dining room without compromising with the design of the interiors.

Expandable Round Dining Table by Skovby

A Danish company Skovby has came out with a latest dining table design which combines flexibility with functionality. Resembling a sphere, the round dining table features an amazing arrangement for extension. It offers ample space when stretched and it is quite compact when closed. It can host both either it be a family dinner or an occasional get together. Its availability in variety of wooden finishes makes it a perfect choice for any contemporary dining room.

Ultra Modern Dining Table by Kisskalt

Dining Table by Kisskalt is an amalgamation of traditional and modern thoughts. It is an ultra modern table frame with split personality. It combines two tables of different character in a single one. Half of the design has a modernistic touch while the other half has conventional settings with carved legs and natural finish. An added extension feature yields completeness to its design. The two tables combined can be pulled apart to create an elongated piece or can be drifted to overlap each other for saving space. Due to its flexibility it can be a fine option for neoteric dining rooms.

Contemporary 3-in-1 Console Table by Ozzio

An Italian company Ozzio has came up with an incredible 3-in-1 Console Table frame which performs triple functions of a kitchen table, a console table and a dining table, all in one. Equipped with an aluminum telescopic mechanism this dining table allows three feasible extensions which makes it suitable for all occasions. With a traditional touch it has carved legs and is available in multicolored finishes. Versatility and luxurious outlook makes it a red hot choice for newfangled dining rooms.

Poggenpohl adjustable table design

Poggenpohlis is an exceptional dining table design from Draenert. This is an expandable table frame having standard flaps on either side which pulls apart from the middle. It increases the surface area of the table and creates a multipurpose space between the two sides of the table. It can be utilized for an array of purposes like adding design elements or frequently used kitchen utensils like chopping board or a serving dish. Structured from natural stone this table frame is an incredible choice for a modern dining room.

Chic Table Designs by Compar

Chic Table Design by Compar is an innovative concept which combines elegance with performance. It is an expandable table frame superlative for both small and large dining rooms. It also features extension which allows it to adjust for a bigger gathering. With an aluminum frame and a glass top, it has a chrome base and a painted metal stalk. These sleek and cool dining tables are available in evergreen black and white color contrast. They can compound the magnetism of any modish dining room.

Pure Wood Dining Table by Rodam

Created by Rodam, Pure Wood Dining table is a resplendent table frame made up of natural wood. A durable stainless steel base supports the table top giving it a contemporary touch. The whole table seems like a carved boat which looks amazingly majestic. Two 60cm leaves forms the extendable setting allowing it to adjust for an evening cocktail or any larger gathering. It is an immaculate table frame which has been made keeping in mind the concerns over compact spacing and contemporary styling. Combined with modern chairs this dining table can easily fuse with any kind of dining room.

Modern Opera by Bauline

Opera as the name suggests is a wonderfully crafted dining table from the Italian manufacturer Bauline. It appears as a statue with a round top connected by a solid base. Made up of ash wood it is an extendable dining table with six leafs of 18 inches each which makes it appropriate for hosting party gatherings. It resembles a table when unstretched but it transforms into a fully featured dining table after extension. Opera is an elegant and comfortable piece of dining table which can form a satisfying choice for any dining room.

Solid Wood Extending Dining Table by Vitamin Design

Vitamin Design has unveiled a beautifully designed dining table made up of wood. It is a futuristic concept of table frame which provides colossal space for dinner. It allows an effortless disassembling and each leaf of the table can be dismantled for easy transport. It offers a choice of four different lengths and three widths which explains its expandable features. It is available in all timber sorts (ash, beech, core beech, American walnut, European oak, knotted oak, and cherry wood) which ensures that it is compatible with any kind of dining room.

New Industrial Style Benchwright Dining Table

Pottery Barn has come up with an amazing dining table which are made out of distressed wood plates supported by forged iron. Oversized bolts at the top and bottom of the table makes it look like a 20th century work table. Being 74 inch wide, 38 inch deep and 30 inch high it has good enough space for arranging a dinner for six. It is also equipped with extra leaves which extends the table’s length to 122 inches. With a phenomenal depth of color it is a fabulous addition for any dining room.

Daytone Glass Expandable Dining Table

Daytone dining table is an expertly designed extendable furniture made up of transparent glass. Based on steel and aluminum mechanism the table has a glass top supported by two n shaped stainless steel legs. It also features a 12mm extension within 15mm providing extra space. Teamed with matching chairs it forms a wonderful combination suiting every occasion. Due to its stunning appearance and extensive extension features it can complement any type of dining room.

Metal Frame Extendable Dining Table by Ozzio Design Italia

Ozzio Design Italia has disclosed an amazing piece of furniture based on aluminum telescopic mechanism. Made from hi-tech glasses, chromed steel and other valuable goods the dining table also has impressive extension features. The table resembles a four legged rectangular plate which offers enough space for a party gathering. Available in variety of color choices this table can leave a great impression on the guests. A perfect mix of modern finishes makes it fit for any dining room.

Dark Wood Extendable Dining Table

Dark wood extendable dining table is an extravagant blend of classic dark wood and contemporary versatility. Structured with chrome coated lacquered dark wood and standing on a small N shaped single centralized leg, it altogether looks hybrid. It also features extension that is provided for appropriate seating. This table is a masterpiece that will add to the beauty of any trendy dining room.

Grosvenor Extending Dining Table

Grosvenor extending dining table is an intelligently styled table frame with a tough glass top and thick chrome legs. With a black central design it has a height of 74 cm, width 200 cm and a depth of 90 cm. It also has an extension settings to compound seating space. This elegant console table is also available in frosted glass design which could attract admiration. It can be a glamorous addition for any dining room.

Butterfly Extending Oak Dining Table

Butterfly extending oak dining table is a premium quality table frame made from durable Oak. It has a 40 mm thick top standing on 90 mm thick legs which is good enough for a seating of up to 8 people. This dining table is equipped with hi-tech extension features. The extension settings of the table rests on ball bearings which means it can be stretched or folded effortlessly. Coming in various subtle finishes this dining table is a deluxe choice for any modernized dining room.

Ciacci Samoa Extending Dining Table

Standing on frameworks of chrome, steel and aluminum, the Ciacci Samoa dining table is an extra light table frame. Made from painted steel this dining table is basically designed for indoor use. Available in variety of dimensions this table is damage proof with an upper load limit of 100 kg. It also features extension via two extra leaves which can be adjusted for extra seating. This dining table can amplify the elegance of any flamboyant dining room.

Nairobi Walnut Finished Extendable Square Dining Table

With a splendid outlook, Nairobi Walnut finished extendable square dining table is an impressive table frame which catches everyone’s attention. It is a simple square shaped dining table with an appealing walnut finish. It stands on four thick legs that adds to the magnificence of the design. Extending from 121-166cm it can provide comfortable seating for 4-6 people. This radiant dining table has a touch of the modern flavor and can serve a big dose of style to any dining room.

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