Exoskeleton Armour to boost up your crushing strength

Before computers and robotics made everyone in the world lazier, the only way a man could prove his physical strength was by sweating it in the gym and taking up challenges mano e mano. These days a man’s power is measured by the price of the sits he wears and the brand of the cars that he drives. However, there still exists a breed of males that find a display of physical strength to be a far better indicator of masculinity than the ability to afford expensive hair products. For these “old-fashioned” men, Canadian designer John Paul Rishea of Bionic Concepts has created the Exo-Gauntlet Version 2 – Powered Exoskeleton Armour which is basically a robotic baseball mitt that can help a wearer crush empty cans of beers and hard plastic cups at the push of a button.

Powered Exoskeleton Armour

The gas-operated exoskeleton allows the fingers to move freely though a power assist button allows the user to exert crushing pressure on anything gripped by the user. The device is powered by a regulator and a small belt mounted CO2 tank combo with integrated miniature actuators custom made for the bionic glove allows users to adjust the grip. The max operating pressure of the grip stands in at 250 psi though we’re still wondering what applications in the course of our daily routines will be simplified by the use of this particular gadget (apart from, say, choking someone to death).

The current version of the Exo-Gauntlet Version 2 Powered Exoskeleton Armour fits anyone sized 5’10” and above though the $3,300 (CAD) price tag on the bionic glove might be better utilized towards a gym subscription where one can build real muscle power to crush their opponents with bare hands.

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  1. I hate to tell you this but my 10 year old son can crush empty pop cans and red solo cups without the help of the magic gauntlet.

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