Exodus concept car to realize the dream of a high performance, green ride

To visualize future technology we need to think ahead of our time. The concepts of tomorrow always arise from today’s thinking. Thinking on the same lines, Christian Polanco from Guatemala has designed the Exodus, a high performance electric sports car that will populate the streets in 2045. The manner cars and driving are headed today, 2045 will have two classes of people wanting to drive a car- those who would want to get from one place to another for work and those who would want to have the sheer fun of driving a clean and superfast car. Making the driving experience memorable and responding to the needs of personal mobility in Shanghai, Exodus is a perfect vehicle that one would look up to for ecological friendliness.


At first glance, the car looks like UFO vehicle capable of traversing on land, water and air. There are many unusual and interesting things about this car. The most unique fact, however, is that it has derived its inspiration from the bio-luminescent life forms that inhabit oceans. These creatures create their own light to navigate darkness of deep waters and to communicate with other members of the sort. Similarly, the Exodus also uses light to connect with the environment and for sending messages to other cars.

The Exodus has three wheels and each of these wheels has an electric motor that provides awesome speed capabilities. The car exhibits fantastic aerodynamic design that maximizes fuel efficiency. It’s a light sports car with the least possible air resistance. The tires are airless that are made up of compressed polymers with an internally reinforced structure. The outermost surface is made of rubber to provide better grip on asphalt and better speed on road. Each tire is built like a sandwich with the rim on one side and the electric motor with the wheel cover on the other.

Thermoplastic composite materials are utilized for the construction of the car so that the extreme velocities do not heat or damage the body. This new material is tougher, stiffer, lighter and recyclable. It also exhibits much better performances during collisions and in extremely demanding conditions and situations. An impregnable body, powerful motors, natural and creative design and a futuristic look make the Exodus a wonderful design to work on and build. Definitely a reason to ‘fast’ forward into the future!

Via: Michelin Challenge Design

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