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EXO, an electric futuristic car with 100 percent geodesic framework

The future of cars is here! EXO, designed by Mark Beccaloni, is a concept car that follows all the rules of minimalism and touts to be the very first naked geodesic car all across the globe. The amazingly stylish coupe has all the safety features, ensuring a trouble free ride.

EXO future car

EXO is basically meant to be a city car and will bow down to all the short distance traveling needs. The external chassis has been crafted keeping safety first, while removing all the external elements. This gave the electric car lightweight characteristics and made it speedier, while cutting down its cost. The frame of EXO is completely geodesic as compared to other coupes made in the same category, like Buckminster Fuller’s Dymaxion Car that just had a few geodesic traits.

The organic shape of the bewitching coupe has been wrapped in nurbs, which will undoubtedly draw attention. The detailing is awesome with rigid nurbs wrap used in an efficient way to place headlights, arrows, air vents and stops. The car comes injected with a lot of strength, thanks to the numerous folds in the design which resemble a crystalline structure. The use of LED lights further makes the design efficient as it will bring down the overall energy consumption. When brakes are applied, all the lights turn red and when acting neutral the shade remains blue.

EXO is a clear picture of fine designing and is bound to become one of the most favorite city cars in the near future because of its brilliant designing and staggering features.

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