Exhibitionist public urinals for women miss the whole point


Ladies, you might really want to check out this outrageous new loo design because the next time you’re at a public festival, this bizarre new public toilet might leave your bladder struggling. PeeBetter and Pollee are two female urinal concepts conceived by Copenhagen culture design studio UiWE that seek to make the experience of peeing at public event “simpler” for women.

Presented at the Roskilde Festival 2011, the open-air, touch-free loos are housed around a shared center with four urinals in each module. The design seems to stem from a distorted belief that women actually envy men’s ability to pee standing up and that urinating in front of an audience somehow empowers them.

The design aims to replace the much more private port-a-potties that are otherwise found at festivals with a more fun, open and “social” design that allows women to pee in a semi-squat position while holding onto specially created platforms built into the walls of the module. We’re guessing the makers of this loo expect all female users to not consume too much liquid before using this thing because to be honest, getting a few tall colas out of your bladder in this position would surely get you a slipped disc or two for sure!

The public urinal is available in three privacy variants: Pollee Shy, Pollee Topless and Pollee Naked. The designs aim to meet the needs of every kind of female festival goer, barring the ones on their period, of course!

The agency has only tested a prototype of this design, but it does plan on taking into mass-production soon. If you’re as disturbed by this design as we are, we would suggest investing in hardcore adult-diapers or even portable shrubbery if you feel this urinal is too “social” for you!

Via: Dezeen

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