Exercise total ‘control’ over your digital entertainment with Logitech’s universal remote control

This amazing remote is the unique combination of design, simplicity and quality features. Gone are the days when the drawer used to have a cluster of remotes for a various devices in our homes. Now you can control functions like increasing or decreasing the volume, going through channels, play or pause for all your devices with this universal remote. But when it comes to choosing a universal remote then you have a whole lot of choices available and picking up the best one can be a bit tricky. Designed for easy navigation, this one can certainly be your choice and most probably won’t fail to impress you.

Universal Remote

With the passage of time the electronic devices in our houses keep on increasing, so their control becomes an important issue. Nobody wants a cluster of remotes for every device. In such a scenario Logitech Universal Remote can be easily a perfect solution. Whether you want to control a TV set, play a DVD in a DVD player or listen to tracks on a music player, you can just sit back and control all these devices.

The design of this remote is quite unique as the play and pause buttons are hidden inside the remote and can be made visible only by pressing a release button, which pops the controller open. The idea behind this is to avoid the distractions to the user, caused by these buttons as they are very rarely used. The standard control buttons for the channels and volume are also replaced by swivel wheel, which is on the front side in the design of this remote. The user can change the channel or adjust the volume just by rotating the respective wheels for the volume and channel. So, this innovative remote is recommended wholeheartedly.

Source: James O’Connor Designs

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