Innovative pool strives to strike a balance between the real and the virtual

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In this day and age of digitalized as well as interactive ambiance, as spectators, we can only hold on to our seats to expect the most mesmerizing and out-of-the-world experiences every so often. Creative minds are at their best when exhibiting their most innovative creations and such is the case with the team of the electronic shadow. The team of Naziha Mestaoui and Yacine Ait Kaci is inspired by an island that connects to the rest of the world only via the water that surrounds it. Giving their inspiration the shape of Ex-isles, the duo has conceived an interactive installation that consists of a 5 by 2 meters pool which is 20cm high. This pool is filled with luminous water and a numerical extension on the internet. The water in that pool is set in motion by a water pump. This results in interactive images of the water as well as the mix of the sound, created by the real water. Even the sounds resulting from the interaction, creates a new type of sensation.

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Design Status:
Ex-isles is a project for an exhibition that aims to connect the real world with the virtual via the medium of water.

Ideal to entertain visitors in the most avant-garde form, such a projection will virtually captivate every person’s senses. Even as the internet visitor will step in their virtual space, the water will project a luminous shadow of the same person on the water body. Links are created between the physical visitors of the exhibition and the net visitors. This results in a virtual connection between the two, so-called islands, on each side of the pool. The idea is to signify the presence of some visitor and the behavior of the luminous shadow over the water.

Via: Designboom

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