Evil alarm clocks you would ever like to hear

Alarm clocks are a great assistant to wake you up in time in the morning. Do you agree with this statement? Well, if you do, then probably you have not undergone the terrifying and irritating treatment at the hands of the world’s most evil alarm clocks. Here is a list of the meanest and the baddest alarm clocks that were specially designed to steal your sleep and wake you in an instant. Once you are through this review of the five most evil alarm clocks, you would definitely feel that you need to wake up even before you hear the sound of your alarm clock, lest you be subject to the torment of one of these. The five most horrifyingly irritating alarm clocks are listed below.

The Money Shredder Alarm Clock

This would certainly steal your sleep in an instant. If you love your hard earned money, which everyone does, then you would never be late even for an instant after you hear the alarm of this Most Evil alarm clock. It has been placed at the number one position simply because there can be no bigger torment to a person than to destroy his dollar bill in front of him. It would do the same to you unless you press the stop button and prevent it from doing so.

The Angry Wake Alarm Clock

This one is a shocker! For all those of you who have the habit of venting out their frustration on the alarm clock for waking them early in the morning, this alarm clock would not just give out a shrill alarm but once you try punching its buttons, you would get a mild shock to bring you back to your senses in an instant. This one is not for the faint hearts!

Army Sergeant Alarm Clock

This one is fro those who have had a military background and are used to listening to shrill commands and volley of harsh words, first thing in the morning. This clock can get you up in an instant because it is impossible for the mind, while asleep, to distinguish whether it is the alarm clock or the real sergeant who was after your life.

Flying Alarm Clock

In spite of what the name suggests, this one does not fly, but would continuously irritate you with its alarm till you find its flying propellers that flew off when the alarm rang. The more time you take to reattach the propeller, the more you have to bear the sound of the alarm and the lesser probability of you falling off to sleep again.

Puzzle Alarm Clock

If you think that the worst of the alarm clock experience is over, then you are in for a big surprise. This alarm clock shows no mercy at all towards the helpless sleeper. You have to solve the puzzle on top of your alarm clock, while still half asleep, to turn the irritating alarm off! This most intelligent torment can really take some doing in the morning when none of your senses are alert. The only way to counter this attack on your sleep is to let go of the sleep and concentrate to fit in the puzzle on the alarm clock.

These alarm clocks would not only steal your sleep but would make your getting up in the morning easier. It’s better to get up in time than face the wrath of these alarm clocks. These can also serve as wonderful gifts for your lazy friends who would then never forget you or your gift!

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